Have you ever wondered whether or not it’s worth spending money on a managed WordPress support service rather than hiring dedicated staff?

See, at webshup, we’ve had the opportunity to start and lead thousands of WordPress projects and meet more than hundreds of people including our awesome clients during that time.

And this question about whether or not to (pay someone else to do something) WordPress tasks is one of the most frequent concerns we see possible clients express.

The positive always turns out to be the case. So today we want to share with you the key reasons why you should get help from a wordpress maintenance service provider.. and what could possibly happen if it is the other way around.

What is a WordPress Support Service?

A few times, you’ve probably come across some mentions of “WordPress support service” or “WordPress maintenance service” or “WordPress help and tasks” on the web, but hey… what the heck is that?

Well, a “WordPress support service” is a business service that performs all the tasks necessary to keep a WordPress website up to date and in good, working condition so that it works pretty well and shows up correctly with the latest web browsers and mobile devices.

These services provide professional WordPress fixes and maintenance, and handle tasks like:

  • Security monitoring
  • Frequent site backups
  • Regular updates to WordPress core, themes, and plugins
  • Custom development
  • Optimization of website elements for performance and results
  • Designing and redesigning
  • And more.Now, onto the business of the day…

Why Outsource to a WordPress Support Service?

There could be more than enough reasons to outsource your WordPress tasks to a WordPress support service based on the context you find yourself in as a small business. But here, we will particularly zero in on five of these reasons.

Here we go . . .

1. Expertise

What does your business do? Building and maintaining WordPress websites? Nope?

Listen up friend, websites are a shitload of work. It’s not as simple as registering a domain name, getting set up with a hosting account, and watching few youtube videos and you can manage things.

There’s more. And then… some moreeeee!

Think of all the stuff that would need regular monitoring, maintenance, and updating after your website is live…

  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • WordPress white screen of death
  • Security
  • Changes in copy or design
  • Coding
  • Site backups
  • WordPress upgrades
  • Analytics and activity monitoring
  • Broken links or images
  • Performance optimization
  • Hosting issues

And we can go on forever.

WordPress is not in your expertise or neither your primary goal is to learn wordpress to manage things.

In order to keep your website running and looking as professional and well-maintained as it should be, you need to hire a service/someone with an (equal/expected) level of (acting maturely and honestly while doing an excellent job) and (ability to do things very well) as you would want to see reflect on your website. That’s it!

2. Time Saving

Your time is important and your work rate is restricted. But you know you wish to induce certain things done to keep your site running. Rather than burn the candle at both closes — doing site and trade — you have to be outsource your site upkeep to an master who can oversee it for you. That way, you spare tons of hours which decipher into more cash for you.

A WordPress offer assistance master will be able to induce stuff settled rapidly than you may ever do on your own.

This rings more genuine in the event that your site is already receiving a few activity. In case something goes off-base, you would like to be able to fix it as quick as conceivable to bring your site back to ordinary and proceed to supply topnotch client experience.

3. Operational Efficiency

Abandoning your business to run your website will not only damage your profits, it will also put your operating efficiency at risk.

Giving your business an undivided attention is very critical-delivering an excellent service to your customers. But since your website is an essential part of your business, taking care of it is equally important, but by outsourcing.

4. Competitors Research

Nearly all of the serious businesses you see online have in one way or another professional people behind their websites— developers, designers, content writers, SEOs, admins and others.

It’s because they recognize how important it is for their brand to have a well maintained online presence.

You can not afford to bench if you want to compete and win. That is going to be a mistake.

Your website is the virtual face of your business. It’s important to keep it in a good shape. See it as a smart business investment rather than just a spend.

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