WP Speed Optimization

Losing sales and visitors due to slow website?

We can optimize your website speed within 8 – 12 hours only at $79

Excellent service. They went above and beyond, and gave me valuable feedback on how to further improve me site. Thank you so much!

How it works


First step is to submit all the details, your website URL and Your email ID with any known issue you are facing


We will test the website speed on top tools and submit you detailed report of current page speed on mobile and desktop.


Our expert team will start fixing the issues to improve the mobile and desktop ratings and we will keep you updated.

We’ll take your site from frustratingly slow, to under 2 second load times (and even faster on high quality hosting) with our done-for-you WordPress speed optimization service.


When You Order Speed Optimization Service

Here’s How Much Time We Invest

  1. Analyzing Website: 30 – 60 min
  2. Backing up, make local copy, upload on google drive: 40 min
  3. Optimization -> Test Website -> Page Insight Test -> Optimization: 360 – 480 min
  4. Devices Testing: 20 – 30 min
  5. Final Submission

Total 610 min = 10 hrs

What Our Customers Say

Great service they were fast and speeded up our site, which improves our ratings!
Ken Hughley

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How long does it usually takes to optimize a website?

It usually takes 2-6 hours to optimize a website in full and it also depends upon the size of website.

Which tools do you use to analyze website speed?

We use Google Page Speed Insights, GTmetrix, Pingdom Tools to analyze different areas of speed issues in website.

Do you provide any report of before and after?

Yes, we provide a complete report of how much time website was taking to load before optimization and after optimization.

Why does a website gets slow and needs optimization?

Websites are like cars, you have to maintain them for keeping them functioning properly. Website Speed Optimization is a process in which its overall condition is analyzed then repairing is performed to necessary areas.

Do you use any cache plugin?

Yes, once we have performed all steps for WordPress website speed optimization, we install licensed version of WP-Rocket, which comes with 1 Year updates.

How much does it costs?

We charge you $79 only for WordPress website speed optimization.

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